Monthly Meetings and Talks 2019/20 (held 1st Wednesday of each month)             


6th February       No Speaker                  Annual General Meeting


6th March           Tony Diamond              'Rudyard Kipling' - Writer & Nobel Laureate


3rd April             Brian Johnson              'A Disastrous Project with a Happy Ending'


1st May               No Speaker                 *Ladies Spring Luncheon


5th June             Mike Williamson           'Conjecture and its part in Making History'


3rd July              Dr John Alban             'Norfolk and the Defence of the Coasts - 14th Century'


7th August          Jim Stebbings             'The Magnificent Seven'


4th September    Tony Robinson             'The History of Dereham Windmill'


2nd October        Richard Matthew        'Dragon Hall - 1000 years of History'


6th November     Simon Partridge          'The Tudors at Home'


4th December     No Speaker                 *Ladies Christmas Luncheon


8th Jan. 2020     Gary Powell                'The Greatest of Englishmen - Sir Christopher Wren'              

5th February      No Speaker                  Annual General Meeting


* Ladies Luncheons - members may invite partners and guests


All monthly Lunchtime meetings are a standard charge inclusive of meal and raffle entry.