Monthly Meetings and Talks 2020/21 (held 1st Wednesday of each month).

Note: There are no monthly meetings in May and December.            


Date                   Speaker                       Subject


5th February       No Speaker                  Annual General Meeting


4th March           Tony Diamond              'Shakespeare Buff' - 'We are arrant knaves all.

                                                             Believe none of us' - (Hamlet)


1st April              Barrie Thornton          'The curious properties of Oxidane'


3rd June             Stephen Poulter          'To the Hammer Born' - The insider secrets of an

                                                            occasional auctioneer.


1st July              Jim Stebbings             'Gilbert and Sullivan' - Their unique partnership and

                                                            the enduring legacy of their work.


5th August          Robert Goddard          'Mother Moon' - Why don't we have a Base there?


2nd September                                     TBA


7th October       Victor Morgan              'Avoiding the Courts - A lesson for Today?' - Mediation

                                                           and Reconcilliation in 16th/17th century Norfolk.


4th November                                      TBA     


6th Jan. 2021     Simon Partridge           'Social Histoy of the Broads' - The people, their Life                                                                  and Work.     


3rd February      No Speaker                  Annual General Meeting


All monthly meetings involve a standard charge of £13.00 inclusive of meal and raffle entry.